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The Docs don't do CodeMirror v6 Justice

Up front, CodeMirror 6 is a great piece of software.

But holy hell it's hard to wrap my head around this paradigm. I understand the _why_ of this approach, but learning _how_ to interact with it is rough. This is a combo of my own inexperience here and a lack of content.

The docs are thorough but are almost entirely reference material. All on a single page. Very limited navigation.

The Examples section helps! But it's unclear what I will find where -- so I've read them all a few times.

There's a rad playground, but limited base samples.

The forums have some valuable lessons, but it's hard to separate outdated answers from the new v6 stuff.

Not to mention many links to the reference docs don't resolve to an anchor on the long-form doc.

I say all this not to shame CM docs, but to remind myself that even capable newcomers struggle through learning new programs when the docs don't live up to the library.


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